Investment Advisory

Regardless of which life stage you are at, we have a wide range of solutions to help you achieve your goals and grow your wealth over time.

Take your own investment decisions based on the tailored investment proposals of your personal Integra investment adviser.

Your investment adviser attaches importance to getting to know your needs, personal situation and objectives precisely, and to drawing up customised investment solutions.

Long-term relationships founded on trust are at the heart of our financial advisory services. This includes reliability and continuity as well as a transparent pricing structure.

As part of our investment advisory services, we monitor your investments to ensure that your portfolio structure still meets the investment strategy defined by you and your investment adviser. We also use our analyses of global financial markets and investment opportunities to assess the medium- and long-term prospects for the asset classes and individual securities in which you have invested. We monitor the maturities of bonds and structured products in your portfolio and provide you with reinvestment proposals.