How to transition to retirement

As you get closer to retirement, you'll start to wind down and want to work less without compromising your lifestyle. That’s where a Transition to Retirement Pension (TRP) could work for you. It could help you through the next stage of life when you’re not quite ready to give up working yet.

What is financial planning ?

Financial Planning defined as ‘A Process to achieve your financial goals with high returns by minimizing risk’. But what exactly the Financial Planning Process means? Does it means savings & investment or choosing product/ services for investment? Or asset allocation & diversification? How and where to start? I can go on and on. Further, if it is a process then what are the main components of the process? Let’s try to understand this process in simple stages.

Financial Market ???

Well. What to say about that? Yesterday’s fall on the S&P/ASX200 of 4.09 per cent is the worst daily fall since January 2009. Adding to the drama, the Shanghai Composite fell 8.1 per cent and has now lost around 38 per cent since its mid-June peak. Europe and the US followed suit overnight with falls of 3 to 5 per cent