• Investment
    Regardless of which life stage you are at, we have a wide range of solutions to help you
    achieve your goals and grow your wealth over time.
  • Retirement
    A lifetime of work should be rewarded with a retirement on your own terms.
    We will endeavour to help you achieve the retirement lifestyle that you desire.
  • Superannuation
    Like most things in life, the best way to secure your financial future is to
    start with clear goals in mind.
  • Wealth
    Through our range of investment options you can tailor a portfolio to
    suit your individual goals.
  • Wealth
    Whether you are protecting your family or lifestyle for the first time, or updating your insurance needs,
    Integra has a range of solutions to take care of you and your family for the long-term.
// about us

Welcome to Integra

Integra Wealth Solutions (Integra) was founded in 2011 as we felt there was a need for better investment advice.
We have built a culture based upon professionalism and evidence, not speculation and sales. Long-term relationships founded on trust are at the heart of our financial advisory services. This includes reliability and continuity as well as a transparent pricing structure.
Integra is committed to developing strategies to help you manage your financial affairs so you can build wealth, enjoy life, and achieve long-term financial security.
At Integra, we believe the advice we offer to our clients regardless of age or “life-stage” makes a valuable contribution to their financial well-being.

// 5-Step Journey

When you work with us, you’ll
be guided through a 5-step process

Understanding your needs
We work together to understand your situation, personal objectives, risk tolerance and time horizon.
Empowering you
We prepare you with the tools and knowledge to take charge of your financial future.
Developing a plan
We develop and present a plan to help you achieve your needs, goals and lifestyle based on your current situation.
Implementing your agreed plan
Once we have a agreed on your plan, we organize and engage your portfolio, making sure you understand what to do (and when).
Keeping you on track
We continue to monitor and review your financial progress with you to ensure you stay on track
// our team

Integra Wealth Solutions is committed to developing strategies to help you manage your financial affairs
so you can build wealth, enjoy life, and achieve long-term financial security.

Jeffrey Noble

Managing Director - Financial Adviser

Jeffrey Noble proudly offers a full suite of financial and holistic planning strategies, courtesy of his wealth of experience and extensive product knowledge. He manages investments funds and superannuation accounts on behalf of our clients, as well as looking after their debt and insurance needs.

Jeff has over 25 years' experience in Global Investment Advisory and Wealth management and has had a successful career having worked with leading global financial institutions in Australia and overseas. He has significant experience in domestic and international investment and substantial knowledge about investment markets, investment alternatives, retirement planning, wealth creation and protection strategies.

Jeff has completed a Master of Business Administration (Financial Planning), Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning). He is also a qualified Justice of the Peace.

Outside of work, Jeff enjoys spending time with family, sports and travelling.

Ainhi Nguyen

Practice Manager

Ainhi Nguyen is the Practice Manager, with over 10 years' experience in the financial services industry. Ainhi thrived in different roles before, within internationally recognized companies such as ANZ Bank and First Data and cumulated experience working abroad, in Asia. Within Integra Wealth Solutions, Ainhi is responsible for overseeing and maintaining high quality services for our valued clients, in collaboration with the Senior Financial Advisers.

She has completed the Masters of Business Administration (International Business), as well as the Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning).

Outside of work, Ainhi enjoys relaxing activities and family time. She has a strong sense of community involvement. She is committed to assisting charitable foundations through her own endeavours, as well as Integra Wealth Solutions.


Nathan Thomas

Client Service Manager

Nathan Thomas has been a part of our team since 2018, as a Client Service Manager and he has recently started his Professional Year Program with Integra Wealth Solutions, in pursuit of his passion of helping people fulfill their financial goals.

Nathan completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in Financial Planning & Finance, where he has received several awards and a prestigious scholarship, in recognition of his outstanding academic achievements.

On top of work commitment, Nathan is an active and committed member of the SES volunteer community on the Gold Coast. He also enjoys travelling, investing, playing sport and the Gold Coast lifestyle.

Jordan McMahon

Client Service Officer

Jordan McMahon is a Client Service Officer at Integra Wealth Solutions. He works closely with his colleagues to ensure the best possible service is delivered to clients. With an acute attention to detail, Jordan is meticulous in ensuring everything that comes across his desk is completed to the best possible standard.

Jordan has completed his Bachelor of Commerce, with a double major in Financial Planning and Economics, where he received a Platinum Asset Management Financial Planning Scholarship.

Outside of work, Jordan enjoys spending time with family and friends and is an avid sports fan. He also loves being involved in his community, volunteering for numerous organizations.