Best Doctors and Doc Online

‘Doc Online’ service that is also available through Best Doctors. This would be a great benefit for whom purchase Critical Illness Cover through MLC, so they can access the Best Doctors Service.

This article would be a worthy read as it really highlights the value of Best Doctors – particularly its Doc Online service which gives people quick, online access to quality GP advice.

According to new data, “last year, one in five Australians waited longer than they thought was acceptable to get into a GP and one in 20 said they delayed or did not go to a GP in the previous year because of cost.”

For those of you with advisers/clients in rural areas, the article highlights the issue of access to medical advice.

“President of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners Frank Jones said he was not surprised by the data because there was a maldistribution of GPs in Australia. He said some inner city areas were oversupplied with GPs, while some rural, remote and outer urban areas struggled to attract and retain them.”

How can this service help you?

Doc Online gives you fast answers to general, non-urgent medical questions. Answers you may usually turn to a GP or Dr Google for.

General answers to questions like:

  • Queries about medication
  • Treatment options for an injury
  • Foreign travel vaccinations
  • High level queries about a condition

How it works

Visit to register – then you can submit a question online to a panel of registered Australian GPs. You’ll get a response within 48 hours.

Eligible clients can use Doc Online for themselves, their partner, children and parents – with no limit on how many times you use it. And of course, there’s no cost.

Any queries or feedback, let us know.