Retirement Planning

A lifetime of work should be rewarded with a retirement on your own terms. We will endeavor to help you achieve the retirement lifestyle that you desire.

One of the most common questions we all have when approaching the end of our working life is “how much will I need, in order to retire”.

While the answer varies from person to person, there are a few strategies you need to put in place to ensure you’re on the right track for the lifestyle you want in retirement, which a financial planner can educate you about, as well as working with you towards achieving your goals and making informed financial decisions.

While life expectancy is increasing, retirement can be a whole exciting new chapter in your life. Therefore, making sure you have enough money to last you through it is crucial to making sure you get the life you deserve when you’ve finished work.

There are lots of choices you can make. For instance, who says you need to retire at 55 years of age, 60 or even 65? You might find you’re relishing your working life more than ever and you’d like to keep at it. If that’s the case you might consider working part-time and supplementing your salary with a transition to retirement pension (TRP).

You might also consider contributing some of your pre-tax salary into super while maintaining the same level of post-tax income using a TRP.

There are many ways you can make the most of your money and feel more in control of your finances. Book a free consultation with one of our experienced advisers, who can show you how you can make your money work better for you and avoid expensive mistakes.